As Willow Goes, So Goes My Nation

24 November 1989
I'm Verity. I recently spent three years at the University of Oxford, studying English and going quietly mad in equal measure. I loved it (rambling about language makes me happy, I can never have enough books, and Oxford itself is a lovely city), despite what it did to my mental state. (Admittedly, depression might be partly to blame for this as well.) I am now training to become a librarian (one year as a graduate trainee down, one master's degree to go) and only sometimes panic about having to make scary life-shaping decisions.

My posts generally consist of tales of librarianship, angry feminism-related rants and geeking out over various fictional creations. I'm often painfully aware that my journal entries are not half as well-written or witty as I would like, but I'm persevering.

When I'm stressed, I like to go into bookshops and alphabetise things; I generally tend to find myself having lost a significant chunk of time and money. This might sound like I am well on track to being a librarian, but I have doubts about my abilities to keep myself from hiding in a corner with the books.

I am an atheist, a feminist, a far-too-idealistic-for-my-own-good leftwing type, an aspiring mediaevalist and a dyed-in-the-wool geek. While I'm mostly on the fringes of fandom, I ramble from time to time about Things I Like and am trying to work up the nerve to write fic again after a few dreadful teenage attempts.

Comments are always welcome, and please do feel free to friend. If I have friended you, it probably means that I find your posts interesting and/or think we have things in common; friending back is welcome but certainly not mandatory.